NSSA Clarification

Dear Sir/Madam

Further to our recent emails regarding the New NSSA limitations our Bulawayo office was sent this attached document by their local NSSA office.

I recommend that you browse through it so that you are fully aware of the various questions NSSA are having to answer.

I will have to adjust our Adaski program slightly to cater for their interpretation that Allowances and Benefits that exceed Normal Salary are only meant to include regular amounts and not once off bonuses

Please note also that the Poverty Datum Line was increased in June so that the maximum insurable amount for NSSA has gone from $21,641 to $22,406. The net result is that NSSA has increased from Z$973 to Z$1,008. It looks like this figure will continue to increase monthly so please adjust your wage budget accordingly

Please do not hesitate to contact our Softrite offices if you have any queries regarding NSSA or the Payroll in general. Harare 0242-782-721/0/7 Bulawayo – 09- 77470 / 886413 Gweru 0775-125-715

Yours faithfully

Mike Garden