Common Adaski FAQs

Why do I need to be on the latest version of Adaski?

  • To update statutory requirements, that is, changes to taxes, PAYE, NSSA
  • To run updates for general changes e.g., sector-related changes
  • To correct any errors that may arise in the system

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What should I do before starting a pay run for a new month?

  • Before downloading the latest version of Adaski, make sure you have closed off the previous month by running the pay update to end pay run.

How often should I update my payroll?

Before every pay run and when there has been a notification from Softrite.

Why am I prompted to back-up all the time?

  • To avoid losing your data. We also advise you to have 2 or 3 external backup drives.

Why do I occasionally get the message “Unavailable Database” when I try to open my payroll?

  • Windows runs updates from time to time and the Interbase (the environment in which the payroll operates) shuts down to prevent it from being affected by windows updates. To correct this search for “Interbase Server Manager” in your computer, and make sure it is running.

Distinguish between Final Deduction System (F.D.S) and Pay as You Earn system (P.A.Y.E)

  • F.D.S system means the employer is responsible for computing and collecting complete P.A.Y.E from employees who have been in employment for the full tax year therefore we use annual tax tables.
  • Normal P.A.Y.E – this is when an employee has not worked for the full tax year with one employer and therefore, we use monthly tax tables when computing their tax.

In which currency should I pay remittances if I’m operating a dual currency payroll?

  • P.A.Y.E is paid in both currencies – USD and ZWL
  • The ZIMRA remittance advice is submitted in ZWL

Is it possible to switch payment currencies in the middle of the year?

  • Yes, it is possible.

What are the specifications and type of computer needed to use the payroll?

  • You will need a minimum of a Core i3 with at least 8GB RAM