Adding new loans. Update no longer goes to next employee. New feature to Archive terminated employees and Transactions for past Pay Periods. this will be useful for those clients with large databases

Payrite uses the FDS method, as recommended by Zimra, to calculate the PAYE for all staff that have only worked for the given company since the start of the current Tax Year.

The FDS system assumes that the employee will earn the same regular salary and allowances (CG) as paid in the current pay period for the remainder of the year. CG is multiplied by the number of pay periods remaining in a given year to give an expected extra (EE) income this year. The total of these 2 figures is the Expected Income (EI) for the year.

The forecast PAYE for the year is calculated using the Tax Bands (see below) and the Year to Date (YTD) PAYE paid so far is deducted from this figure to give the expected Extra PAYE (EP)

EP is then divided by the remaining number of pay periods to give the PAYE amount to be deducted this period. See Sample PAYE Calculation screen below

Payrite has a Final FDS Run for the last period of the year when the PAYE is equal to EP meaning that no PAYE will be due or payable after this December Pay Run.

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